Wii Family Trainer £12.83 @ Blahdvd

Wii Family Trainer £12.83 @ Blahdvd

wiiTrainer1I got very excited when I read the title of this deal over on HUKD...

...I thought maybe this would be the answer to all my prayers!  Training for the family - the teenagers would be trained not to leave their crud everywhere and be quite so vile to each other, the toddler would put one thing away before getting something else out and that sort of thing *sigh*

Wii Family Trainer 'Outdoor Challenge' game won't do that but, if you have a Nintendo Wii, what it will do is provide some good old-fashioned family fun if you all play together, will keep the kids amused and ACTIVE if you need something to keep them amused whilst you get on with something else or, dare I suggest it, would be rather fun if you have friends round for dinner after a glass of wine or two!

wiiTrainer2It comes with a play mat and there are various challenges you must complete such as: Dodge The Logs; Stomp The Mole, Count Your Steps etc. You can play with up to four people and there are three multiplayer game modes: you can play as teams, battle each other (always love the battles with games like this) or there's a relay option too.

I've read through enough rave reviews on this to convince me that this is a GOOD buy and considering you'd usually pay £49.99  it's a super Bank Holiday bargain, oh and UK delivery is free too, what more could you ask for?!

Thanks to georget over at HUKD


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