Vintage Dominoes £3.96 @Dotcomgiftshop

They seem to have gone vintage mad over at dotcomgiftshop! This delightfully domretro set of dominoes is a bargain at just £3.95.

This looks like a really beautiful set of dominoes with vintage-style pictures on each domino card. The game comes in a retro box containing 28 dominoes plus an easy-to-follow instruction booklet and rules-of -the-game guide.

This item is suitable for  children between the ages of 4 and 8 years and I can definitely vouch for dominoes as an inspired way of entertaining little people. My lads adore dominoes and are building up quite a repertoire of different games that they know how to play, and they absolutely love explaining the rules and counting the cards out among players. It's great for everything from helping them learn how to co-operate to building numeracy skills.

What I love about this item is the classic, nostalgic design. Often these days the most affordable toys and games for children are also the most tacky but dotcomgiftshop certainly seem to have a knack for tracking down items that are both easy on your pocket and lovely to look at too.

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