U-Build Connect Four £4.99 @ Amazon

15 January 2011

uBuildConnectFour U-Build Connect Four would normally cost you £19.99 but if you buy it from Amazon now, it will only cost you £4.99.

Connect Four is one of the GREAT classic kids games; I still enjoy playing the odd quick-fire game with the kids now and again.

Did you know that there are only five school weeks left before it's half term already? Board games can be the saviour of parental sanity when school terms seem to be shorter than the holiday times; what sort of game IS Connect Four anyway? It's not really a board game as it doesn't have a board...

U-Build Connect Four puts a new spin on the original, and much-loved, version:

First things first, you have to actually build the game using the grid and bumpers, after that the principle is essentially the same - you have to get four in a row to win.

BUT, chance and random placement of your counters has been introduced to the game - you see, the bumpers might just throw your counter off-course so it doesn't end up quite where you were expecting it to.

U-Build Connect Four is suitable for kids aged six and older as there are 158 constituent parts; 110 u-build bricks, 48 pins to hold it all together along with 23 red counters and 23 yellow counters (at least the red and yellow counter colours haven't changed).


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