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11 April 2012

Amazon are selling Twister for £8.99 instead of £13.99 - well worth twisting on over there to pick one up if you aren't already an owner!

Who doesn't LOVE Twister?!  Alright, maybe there are some people who don't like playing Twister but they're no fun and can just go and sit quietly in the corner - as far as I'm concerned, Twister RULES!

Now, I suppose it is possible that there are one or two people out there in the big wide world who haven't heard of Twister before and don't know how to play - hard to believe, I know - so, just for them, here's a quick low down on all things Twister.

There is a large play mat with a series of four coloured circles on it: red, blue, yellow and green; there is a board with a spinner in the middle and sections for right hand, left hand, right foot and left foot each with the four coloured circles.

When it's your turn, the spinner is spun and if it lands on 'right foot green' you put your right foot on a green circle.  Then it's the next player's turn and they do the same, perhaps they get 'right hand red' - and so it goes on.

As you can imagine, you quickly end up with a mass of tangled bodies and plenty of hilarity - the last person standing (or bending over in a strange contorted shape) is the winner.  Twister is awesome - great for kids, great for student parties, great for family parties.  Just buy it!

All the usual Amazon delivery options are available to you - free if you choose the SuperSaver deal or paid for if you want to start playing Twister pronto.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD

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