Travel Hungry Hippos £2.83 @ Amazon

Travel Hungry Hippos £2.83 @ Amazon


If your kids loved/love the original Hungry Hippos, then they're going to love Travel Hungry Hippos!

Hungry Hippos has now been made travel friendly and a lot of thought has gone into dreaming up a name for it, you can tell the marketing executives were locked in boardroom talks for weeks coming up with the rather catchy title: Travel Hungry Hippos!

I had such fun playing Hungry Hippos as a kid and if you travel often with your little ones, then Travel Hungry Hippos could just come to the rescue of your sanity on long journeys with them.

The object of Travel Hungry Hippos is exactly the same as the non-travelling Hungry Hippos - if you have no clue, let me help you out:

You are a hippo, you are hungry, you hit the lever on your hippo as fast as you can which pushes his head out, sees his mouth open and trying to grab as many of the balls as possible!

It's a great little game - it's fun, it's simple, it's fast, it's frenetic; everything that little kids (and big ones, like me) love.

You can grab your own Travel Hungry Hippos from Amazon for £2.83, at the moment, instead of £4.99  - but beware, the Amazon price tinkering, I wish they'd freeze their prices in sympathy with the freezing temperatures!

Thanks to debadwolff at HUKD


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