SEGA Megadrive Arcade Nano Keyring £8.99 @ eBay IWantOneOfThose

Calling all SEGA Megadrive fans from yesteryear!

You have to check out these SEGA Megadrive Arcade Nano Keyrings - they are tiny Megadrives, preloaded with 10 games, that you plug and play through your TV; properly awesome!

I was a SEGA Megadrive girl; I wish I still had it as I loved wrapping up my days with a few games of Super Hang On and whichever Sonic the Hedgehog version I felt like playing - I adored that little blue hedgehog.

This certainly isn't a replacement for an actual Megadrive (you can still buy them by the way, I just had a quick look) it's more a bit of stocking-filler-fun for a gamer from back-in-the-day, because it's really not going to cut it with kids used to Wiis, Nintendo 3DSs and any of the Xbox incarnations.

The SEGA Megadrive Arcade Nano keyrings need just one AA battery for power and comes with the relevant leads to connect it to your TV.  If you're struggling to visualise how it all works and want to see it in action then you're in luck - a tech' journo' has put a review of the Sonic one on youTube.

I had to giggle when he suggested ladies might attach it to their handbag and that it would be a real conversation piece - I hope I'll always have something more interesting to talk about than that!

There's no delivery to pay with eBay IWantOneOfThose, so £8.99 is all you're looking at for a little piece of gaming nostalgia.

Thanks to DavieDeal at HUKD

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