Pumpazing Toy And Game Review

19 April 2013

Pumpazing is a newish game from Drummond Park. It has various play options, making it suitable for different age groups and is good for getting children running around a bit too, although that's not the original aim of the game.

Pumpazing (£19.99) consists of a blue round 'man' called Zingy with extendable arms, and pull out hair or Zingers and a few Zinger cards.

The 'hair' are actually balls with faces on them, that slot into the Pumpazing 'machine' Zingy.

In order to play the game, each player takes a turn 'pumping' Zingy's arms in and out, and at random, the hair things shoot out. As each one launches it makes one of three sounds, 'boing', 'zing' or 'uh-oh'.

There are two ways to play the game. 

In the longer version, a set of 12 zinger cards are shared out between all the participants. Each person takes a turn pumping Zingy's arms, and if they get a 'boing' or 'zing' they just hand Zingy over to the next player. If they get an 'uh-oh', however, they hand over the game, and place one of their cards back in the box (or the centre of the table, or whatever). The game goes on like that till only one person has cards left, and that person is the winner.

An alternative, and faster, way of playing the game is a Sudden Death version wherein participants hand Zingy around the circle until one of them gets an 'uh-oh'.  That player is out, and the game goes on like that until only one player remains. It definitely is a faster way of playing the game.

There is another way too - it's not listed on the included instructions - but I found it by far the favourite of my three and one year olds: I pump Zingy with all my might, and they run around the room squealing and chasing the flying Zingers. It pretty much throws all the rules out the window and they don't care much if it's an uh-oh or a boing or a zing or nothing at all. The only down side to this version of the game is that I end up unable to lift my arms the next day.

I'm not sure if the game, which is aimed at players aged four or over, is just too old for my three year old, but within about fifteen minutes of play - the regular way - she was pretty bored of it. It was too slow moving for her.  We switched it up to the Sudden Death version but again, she wasn't really coping with that. For one thing, to get the pump action going you need to give it some elbow grease, as my dad would say, but her arms weren't strong enough - mine barely were, but I have never had much arm muscle.

I had to help her with the pumping in her turn, and then pump for myself in my turn. The baby had a ball running around after the shooting things, and so my toddler decided that looked more fun, which is how that version of the game developed.

Once we packed the game away I asked her whether she wanted to keep it and she initially said no, not really. The next day she saw it still on the sofa, however, and wanted to play our version of the game again. My arms were sore though, and I distracted her with something else.

I also noticed a fine white powder buildup on the plastic bits where you pump the arms in and out. I'm not certain, but I think that's the plastic pretty much wearing down. I do wonder how many rounds of play the Pumpazing Zingy would last for. I haven't tested it to it's limits though.

The Good

  • It's a great indoor game for rainy days, as it gets the little ones running around with purpose
  • There are two (three) 'modes' of play, so you can mix it up dependent on audience age
  • Set up is pretty quick and easy - you just need some batteries

The Bad

  • My three year old got bored with it pretty fast. I'm not sure if she would grow into it, perhaps.
  • It's too hard for little ones to pump on their own, so I had to help.
  • I think it's wearing down after one game (the white powdery stuff) and I'd worry about that breaking soon.

The Verdict

At the RRP of £19.99 I wouldn't personally buy it as a gift for a friend. It is fun and if you have room for toys and games that aren't played with consistently, it's not a bad buy, (especially as Smyths have it on sale right now [19 April 2013] at £7.99), but I'm guessing for short bursts and limited play. Actually if you take it out of it's rather large box and just stick it in the toy box it wouldn't take up that much space. I'm trying hard not to be overly negative because I can see that it would be a lot of fun for some children, but it wasn't an overwhelming winner for my little girl.

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  • leanneth
    My 14 month old toddler loves this game- we don't actually play the listed games on the instructions but just pump and zing! It started off with me pumping and my little boy running around, giggling and collecting the zingers! After a few days, he started pumping it himself! He regularly just picks up zingy and pumps it (or hands it over to someone else, depending on what mood he's in!) and laughs. When he's older we may play the proper games but for now it's definitely good for exercise!

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