Pumpaloons £4.50 @ Amazon

21 June 2012

Pumpaloons Game £7.50 @ Amazon Amazon are selling this Pumpaloons pump-up game for £7.50 instead of £19.99.

If, like me, you're sitting listening to the rain POUNDING against the window you may be wondering WHEN the summer weather is going to put in a decent appearance and if it doesn't, just what you're going to do to entertain the kids during the looming school holidays!

Cheap, cheerful and FUN games like Pumpaloons may just prove to be your saviours.  Pumpaloons is a nice simple game for your kids to play - there are no pieces to be lost, no arguements over who's going to be banker (and then get accused of stealing money when no one's looking), it's just nice and straightforward.

The aim of the game is simple: take out the two inflatable characters and two pumps and the person who fully inflates their Pumpaloons person first is the winner!

Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, with plenty of scope for lots of crazy giggling, it's also going to be rather physical too - if you've ever pumped up an inflatable bed in record time, you'll know how tiring that can be (or is it just me who's done that?!).  Tired kids mean early to bed kids and THAT can only be a good thing.

Happy pumping!

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