PS4 Bundle Price Drops

PS4 Bundle Price Drops

The PS4 will be on plenty of Christmas Lists this year. If you are dreading shelling out £200+, then worry not as of today, prices of PS4 Bundles have dropped dramatically. With prices from £149.85, you need to act quick if you want one.

In Stock

Out of Stock

  • Smyths* PS4 500GB LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ Console Bundle £149.99
  • Gameseek* Playstation 4 Console 500GB Black with FIFA 17 - PS4* £149.99 delivered
  • Tesco Direct* Various PS4 with games bundles from £149
  • ShopTo* Various PS4 Bundles from £149.85.
  • John Lewis* Sony PlayStation 4 Console, 500GB with FREE FIFA1 17 £149.95
  • Very* PS4 with FIFA 17 Bundles from £149.99
  • Argos* PS4 500GB Console, LEGO Star Wars Game and Star Wars Blu-Ray £149.99
  • Game* PS4 500GB Console + FIFA17 + NOW TV 2 Month Movie Pass £149.99
  • Argos* PS4 1TB Console, LEGO Star Wars Game and Star Wars Blu-Ray only £179.99
  • Argos on eBay* Sony PlayStation PS4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition Console - Black only £179.99
  • Argos* Sony PS4 Console with 500GB Hard Drive, console only. £149.99
  • Very* PS4 1TB Console With Lego Star Wars £179.99

In Store Offers

  • Tesco: PS4 500GB Console and FIFA 17 £149
  • Tesco: a PS4 1TB Console and FIFA 17 for £179
  • Smyths*: various PS4 bundles from £149.99, subject to availability in store only. Use the online stock checker here*. Limited stocks and only one per customer.

We will be updating this post as stock comes in and out of availability, so keep checking in here.

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  • Samantha E.

    It's sold out everywhere

    • Samantha E.

      I have already tried there everywhere there isn't any left x

  • Kirsty R.

    I bought the FIFA 17 one at around 8 from Amazon.

  • Shelly G.

    Can't get on to the links

  • Lauren M.

    Out of stock

  • Emma-Jane M.

    I ordered for click and collect then just had email to say ps4 out of stock but can collect fifa 17 at full price!!!

  • Michelle M.

    Not letting u buy at argos :disappointed:

  • Leona G.

    All out of stock everywhere :-(

  • Sinead L.

    Nightmare :angry:

  • Amy H.

    I'll keep searching though x

  • -Leanne H.

    im too late :(

  • Trish J.

    Everywhere is sold out :(

  • Lisa W.

    ARGOS and John Lewis have offer on too

  • Nicole G.

    cheers will have a look x

  • Nicola R.

    Ordered on very, took my money then had an email saying out of stock and money will be refunded in 7 days!! Not happy

    • Shani P.

      I just called them and they told me to wait as they may get some back in stock tomoro and it will be sent out if so

    • Nicola R.

      Shani Platten I called them too and they said exactly what the email said grrrrr

    • Martine B.

      Same as me now waiting refund

  • Nicole G.

    Out of stock everywhere x

  • Cathy B.

    Argos are all out here :frowning2:

  • Emma R.

    Saw this already and have it sorted thank youxxx

  • Samantha E.

    Is game doing the offer

  • Ashley G.

    Thanks x

  • Marie B.

    To late :-(((

  • Stacey M.

    Just got the stars wars bundle from smyths £149 they had 4 FIFA bundles left at Barnsley cortonwood about 20 mins ago, worth checking ur local smyths they had delivered this morning x

  • Michelle M.

    Game have them just got 1

    • Amy H.

      Is that In store ?

    • Lindsey E.

      I managed to get one from game website about an hour ago but they r showing out of stock now.

  • Kym73

    They have it in-store in Asda for £149.99.  It is not advertised online on the Asda website.  You need to go in store and the console and the game have to be scanned in separately.   The deal is national.

  • Lauren L.

    Boucher have it for 150 too , and apparently smyths get a delivery every morning for the next few days too but they be sold out by 9.15 xx

  • Owen M.

    Cancel looks like people are having trouble ordering

  • Pauline G.

    Do ya think smyths will have them in morning? I'll run over first thing lol that's a brill price like xxx

  • Matt G.

    Already got one :p

  • Adey B.

    Its a bargain

  • Ben W.

    They r the old ones

  • Emily W.

    All sold out ):

  • Mohammed Z.


  • Sara F.

    Got a 1tb one in tesco for £179. Had no bundles though, they had none out on shelves, said we'd looked on tesco direct and was told to go into store. They then went and checked, so if none on shelves, blag it so they'll go look. This was 15mins ago.

  • Andrew B.

    That's pretty good.

  • Kaisha L.

    You have to actually go in store

  • Anna S.

    I couldn't believe it yesterday. On a selling site someone was selling the reservation code for the ps4 with Star Wars and Fifa! Selling a reservation code?! What has this world come to with people being such arseholes!

  • Hannah D.

    Ordered and had confirmation email to say item no longer available !! :smirk:

    • Kerry O.

      I had the same ordered from Very said was in stock then just checked my account to see what time it would arrive and no longer available very annoyed.

    • Hannah D.

      Funny its back in stock now at £310!!

    • Jodie S.

      I paid for it this morning took my money then sent an email not in stock they said they have refunded me the money but will take 2 to 5 days

    • Jemma C.

      Kerry O'shea same happened to me so I rang up and kicked off about it how it didn't get updated online till atleast 24 hours later n how it was there fault n I will think twice about ordering from them again if this can happen so gettin the slim ps4 delivered with fifa 17 for 149! X

  • Marie R.

    Smyths were selling 2 per customer this morning.

    • Marie R.

      it's terrible, they defo should have limited it to one each. There was a couple there who went away with 3!

  • Dale G.

    Out of stock everywhere xxx

  • Helen P.

    Got to smyths and they had just sold the last one :tired_face: xx

  • Byron F.

    And it's already sold out

  • Ciara R.

    Got the FIFA bundle this morn at Smyths Boucher. :grinning:

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