PS4 500GB Console FIFA 17 Bundle £149 @ Tesco Direct

PS4 500GB Console FIFA 17 Bundle £149 @ Tesco Direct

Edit : FIFA 17 Sold Out but move quickly to grab Lego Star Wars + Force Awakens Blu-ray PS4 1TB Console for £179*!!

If you have been waiting on tenterhooks for FIFA 17 to hit the shops then you will be pleased to know the wait is over! And we have found you a cracking deal from Tesco Direct!

You can grab yourself a PS4 500GB Console plus the FIFA 17 game for just £149! This is a bargain and definitely one to stash away for Christmas! You will need to be quick with this one, it is no doubt going to sell fast! If it does sell out online it will be available in stores from this Friday.

There is another bundle that includes FIFA 17. You can get a PS4 1TB CONSOLE and FIFA 17 for £179*. This offer is also instore from Friday too.

Also available is thePS4 1TB Lego Star Wars and Force Awakens Bundle for £179*, again this is only available online from the 29th.

Home delivery is FREE or you can Click and Collect your PS4 Bundle for FREE to your local Tesco store.


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  • Maxine C.

    Gone already

    • Kim F.

      Tesco still have some

      • Kim F.

        Tesco still have some

        • Maxine C.

          Keeps chucking me out :flushed:

          • Sian M.

            Very do too

            • Kerry H.


            • Kerrie K.

              anyone know how to get fifa in the deal

              • Rachel K.

                Smyths doing it as well

                • Sheena V.

                  This is amazing! & all because of a new model coming out! Well done to all who got one, keeping my eyes peeled for more deals as this is on my 8 yr olds Christmas list! :scream:

                  • Emma B.

                    The same deal is on at John Lewis too. X

                    • Hazel K.

                      You can buy from very this morning you don't have to open a credit account either xx

                      • Kat M.

                        I got 2 from very this morning

                      • Lauren T.

                        Thank you lovely xx

                        • Martine B.

                          Sold out everywhere

                          • Nilam S.

                   last ones left here

                            • Charlotte L.

                              Very still have some

                              • Laura P.

                                Can you send a link please

                                • Martine B.

                                  Thanks just ordered one

                                  • Martine B.

                                    Order went through paid then got email to say out of stock

                                    • Hazel G.

                                      phone john lewis, they are out of stock online but they can look at other store, i just got one xxxxx

                                      • PlayPennies

                                        Here's where you can get stock at the moment:

                                      • Kate W.

                                        Tesco is sold out when you go through to checkout but I just bought one from John Lewis x

                                        • Lucie G.

                                          Sold out

                                          • Catherine F.

                                            Very have some in stock at the same price but with Fifa 17 x

                                            • Laura P.

                                              I can't find it on very

                                            • Emma B.

                                              John Lewis av it for £149. I've just order it but with fifa from very for same price.

                                              • Martine B.

                                                I ordered from very money is pending from bank then get email to say out of stock but still taken money

                                                • Emma B.

                                                  No way! I've just checked my email and it says delivery on 30th. I'll keep checking my email

                                                • Leanne P.

                                                  That's great thank you :blush: x

                                                  • Diana B.

                                                    Argos has them too hope you didn't get one full price x

                                                    • Leanne P.

                                                      I'll have a look now thanks x

                                                      • Hazel K.

                                                        I ordered one from very this morning and you don't have to open a credit account xx

                                                        • Davina C.

                                                          Amazon have it aswell x

                                                          • Michele M.

                                                            They all sold out - I'm so tired :sleeping:

                                                            • Jonny R.

                                                              Already seen. Decided against it considering every man and his dog have now dropped the price of a ps4.

                                                              • Samantha E.

                                                                Completely sold out everywhere now gutted :sob::sob:

                                                                • Lydia C.

                                                                  Any update on stock? Can't get it on the play penny link for Argos?

                                                                  • Lucy G.

                                                                    Been trying for ages, says it's available for home delivery then says out of stock :grimacing: x