Pop Goes Froggio Game £8.99 @ Amazon

Pop Goes Froggio Game £8.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Pop Goes Froggio matching card and action game for £8.99, rather than its £15.99.

My youngest son is a right at the upper age range for games like this now, which is a shame as it looks like it would have been fun to play.

In a nutshell, Froggio is placed on his lily pad and you must spread the 12 character cards out around the room. Next, spin the buterfly spinner on the side of the lily pad to discover which character you need to find a matching pair of cards for.

You must rush around the room to be the first to find a pair and when you have, RACE back to the Froggio, stomp on the launcher and send him flying off his pad - the first one to launch him is the winner.

I know how Edward plays games - making up his own rules as he goes along, whilst everyone else must abide by the official ones - and he'd have just as much fun jumping up and down on the Froggio launcher, to see how high he could get him to jump, as he would playing properly.

It looks rather fun, even though younger children will probably need some help (additional weight behind them) to send Froggio launching off from his pad.

Happy matching and launching frogs!


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