Piranha Panic £8.47 @ Amazon

29 January 2011

piranhaPanic Amazon are currently selling this Piranha Panic game at half price - £8.47 instead of £16.99.

I love, love, LOVED games like Piranha Panic when I was a kid, the anticipation and peril used to get my adrenalin going.

I say 'used to' if I play these sorts of games now, it still happens.

So here's the principle behind Piranha Panic - you are a fish and you have to get to the top of the river first without being eaten by a Piranha.

To move your fish upstream you have to throw the dice and then move the corresponding number of spaces up the river, BUT if you throw a Piranha the handle gets pulled and who KNOWS where they'll pop up - your fish could be the one to get eaten and you'll have to start again.

Piranha Panic is suitable for between two and four players, it doesn't require any batteries, it doesn't have any bells and whistles or flashing lights - just good fun and a bit of mild peril.

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