Penguin Pile Up £9.99 @ Toys R Us

14 December 2011

I love this Penguin Pile Up game, my aunty gave it to my daughter for Christmas y-e-a-r-s ago and now my youngest has it - we all still have so much fun playing it and you can pick it up from Toys R Us for £9.99.

The aim of the game is very simple - you have to be the first to balance all your penguins on the wobbly iceberg, any penguins that fall off during your turn become yours and the further into the game you get the less space there is for the remaining penguins.

It's much tougher than it looks to balance all your penguins in Penguin Pile Up, although it's not too tricky to make youngsters want to give up.  We've all even been known to play it on our own and try to get all of the penguins on the iceberg without any falling off, I think you have to have played it to understand just how 'normal' that sounds.

It's selling for more everywhere else:

  • £12.99 in Tesco
  • £13 in Hamleys
  • £17.99 over at Amazon

Apparently it's been seen for £4.99 in-store at Poundstretcher, so if you have one of those local to you it might be worth taking a quick look in there before you order Penguin Pile Up from Toys R Us.

You can collect Penguin Pile Up for free from your nearest Toys R Us, if you can't then you're looking at £4.95 for home delivery.

Thanks to shuggyyadobber at HUKD for the Poundstretcher heads up

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