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28 September 2011

If you've never heard of, or played, Pass the Pigs then you must get yourself over to Amazon IMMEDIATELY and buy this game.

It's currently £3.80, instead of £7.99 and will have everyone squealing with delight when they play it.

I was first introduced to Pass the Pigs almost 12 years ago; I'd never heard of it and is so completely bonkers that you have to wonder who dreamt it up.

I have visions of a group of pig farmers dreaming it up one drunken evening; seriously, no one in their sober state of mind would have come up with this concept.

The aim of the game is nice and simple...

Instead of rolling dice, you roll pigs and the landing position of your pigs will determine how many points you get.  YOUR job is to score 100 points before anyone else does.

If you roll a Double Snouter, you score 40 points; roll a trotter and you'll get 5 points.

It's not just a case of each person rolling in turn, otherwise the person who went first would always win.  When it's your turn  you have to decide decide whether to bank your points and hand the pigs over to the next player, or keep rolling and risk losing them.

You see, if you roll a Pig Out you will lose all your points for that turn; what's worse, roll a Makin’ Bacon and you'll lose ALL your points!

If you've never played Pass the Pigs before and are looking for something that's super cheap and super fun then this is the game for you - this was always a firm after-dinner favourite among, both, kids and grown ups.

I really can't recommend Pass the Pigs enough; just go and buy it!

Thanks to the gooner at HUKD

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