Nintendo Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon

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It's the New Year and that means a lot of us will be on a mission to get healthier, lose weight and be more active. I made a promise to myself and we agreed as a whole family we will make a conscious effort to move about more. For many people who are stuck in the house for various reasons don't have to be stuck doing celebrity DVDs but can use that Wii they have lying in the house and grab this Nintendo Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board for just £29.99 delivered. That's cheaper than a month's gym membership!

Firstly, I want to tell you that this works, I lost eight stone in 2010 and I used this a LOT as my form of exercise. Why? The simple fact was I had a baby at home. I found with the use of the balance board I was able to exercise when I wanted and work at my own pace in the privacy.

For £29.99, you get a Black Wii Fit Balance Board and Nintendo Wii Fit Plus game. The balance board monitors your movement by incorporation into your exercises. It weighs you and along with the Wii Fit Plus game will help you to tailor a fitness regime to suit you and the whole family!

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