Moshi Monsters Monstro City Game £11.04 @ Amazon

30 April 2013

Amazon are selling this Moshi Monsters Monstro City game for £11.04, rather than £24.99.

It's my youngest son's seventh birthday in July and he's a bit of a Moshi Monsters fan.  I've been gently asking him for the last few months what he might like for his birthday, and he's consistently come back with requests for various Moshi Monsters things.  I'm beginning to think that he's very sure Moshi 'stuff' is what he really wants, and I reckon this Moshi Monsters Monstro game would be well received.

In what has been described as 'a must for any Moshi Monsters fan', you have to race around Monstro City, collecting items from the shops and answering questions along the way. Once your collection is complete, you must then head to the middle of the board and be the first answer the ultimate moshi question.  If you get it right to win the golden IGGY trophy - HURRAH!

Players should be six years or older, and between two and six players can play at any one time.  Game play can take between 30 and 60 minutes and, all in all, I think it sounds GREAT - I'm buying it!

Thanks to schlurrp at HUKD

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