Hello Kitty Twister £7.13 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Hello Kitty version of Twister for £7.13 instead of £13.99 - just a quick word of warning though: they've already been messing around with the price, so if you think you'd like it, don't wait too long before adding it to your basket...unless, of course, playing Amazon price roulette does it for you!

My youngest niece will be celebrating her fifth birthday at the end of April and she adores anything Hello Kitty.  I think, therefore, that it's time she was introduced to the wonderful world of Twister via her favourite little cat.

Personally, I'm not fussed about Hello Kitty but I DO love a good game of Twister - it's provided much hilarity over the years, from when I was a little girl, through to college days and then after dinner parties after a fair amount of wine had been consumed.

Apart from the giggles it produces when everyone is about to come crashing down, Twister, in any form, is nice and simple, doesn't require any batteries and requires players to GET OFF the sofa, and this version is exactly the same as traditional Twister, it just features Hello Kitty images on the mat and spinner.

Thanks to carloszoe1982 at HUKD

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