Kerplunk £7.49 @ Amazon

1 December 2012

Amazon are selling Kerplunk for £7.49 instead of £12.99.

I'm so happy that Kerplunk is still being made so that the next generation of kids can also enjoy the tension that comes with playing it!  I don't actually remember the first time I played Kerplunk, it always seems to have been in my gaming life, but I distinctly remember always loving it.

If you're not familiar with Kerplunk then here's everything you need to know:

In the box is a clear plastic tower that comes in two halves, then there's a middle section that's full of holes.  You put all the pieces together and fit the tower into the tray, which has four sections - oh, I forgot to tell you that the bottom part of the tower has a hole in it.

Next, you make a 'web' in the middle part of the tower by sliding the straws through the holes, making sure there aren't any big gaps.  Finally, you drop all the marbles into the top part of the tower so they're all balanced on the top.

Now you're ready to PLAY! Each player has to pull a straw out of the middle section whilst trying to not to release too many, if any, marbles - the player who has the least number of marbles at the end, when all the straws have been pulled out, is the winner.

Happy Kerplunking!

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