Guess Who Extra £12.99 @ John Lewis

Guess Who Extra £12.99 @ John Lewis

John Lewis are selling Guess Who Extra for £12.99 - so are Toys R Us (in case John Lewis run out of stock) - the next cheapest price I can find is over at Amazon for £15.99, then £17.99 at Play.

Guess Who Extra is an electronic version of the original flippy-over game.  I used to play the original version with my cousin when we were small and I loved everything about it - trying to figure out the best questions to get rid of the maximum number of people as possible before she guessed who I had.

This extra twist on Guess Who - which is why it's called 'Guess Who Extra' (genius of board game naming in action there!) - is  that it comes with sounds, a timer (to add suspense and excitement apparently) along with six different themes to play with

One of the new themes is 'animals' - so instead of asking whether your opponent's person wears a hat, you'd ask something like, "Does your animal live in water?"  then, instead of answering yes or no, they'll press the yes or no button which will make an appropriate 'CORRECT!' or ' INCORRECT!' sound.

Reivews for Guess Who Extra are great and you can collect yours in -store at, both, John Lewis and Toys R Us for free; home delivery with John Lewis is £3 and £4.95 with Toys R Us.

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