Gruffalo Match And Memory Board Game £7.99 @ WHSmith

24 January 2013

WHSmith are selling this Gruffalo Match and Memory board game for £7.99, rather than £15.99.

For a while there I got a bit Gruffalo'd out, but I haven't written about him for a while, so I'm feeling Gruffalo restored and able to tell you about this Gruffalo Match and Memory board game.

I say 'tell you about it' - what I can tell you is this: it comes with a board,  a spinner, four Gruffalo boards, 36 nut tokens, four Mouse play pieces, four play piece stands, and a set of rules.

I'm glad there are rules in there because whilst I can deduce that game play will involve using your memory to match things, I have no idea how you play - but it's Gruffalo play, so we know it's going to be awesome, and is suitable for two to four players, aged five years and older.

You can arrange to have your Gruffalo Match and Memory board game delivered into store, so you can collect it for free, which will take between one and five working days (talk about covering all their bases!).  OR, you can pay a little extra and have it delivered straight to your door.

Happy Gruffalo matching and remembering!

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