Fortnite Flossing T-Shirt From £9.99 @ Amazon

Fortnite Flossing T-Shirt From £9.99 @ Amazon

Every morning in the school playground I see kids doing 'The Floss' dance, and it seems we have the video game Fortnite to blame for thank for this move's takeover.

If your kids, or yourself, can't stop flailing your arms about in this super fast dance then you'll want to snap up one of these Fortnite Floss T-shirts from Amazon.

Delivery is £2.99 - £3.99, and as these are dispatched and sold by Amazon sellers there are no Prime options.

So choose your style and colour, and off you pop to show off your groovy moves. And yes I am just jealous, as I can't seem to get the hang of it myself...


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  • Lisa M.

    My daughter :grimacing: I've still not mastered it yet!

    • Sobia K.

      this is for :joy::joy::joy::joy:

      • Clare M.

        :joy::joy: I want one.. Somone please buy me one!! Xx

      • Samantha D.

        ours would love these !!

        • Louis D.

          Defo, bloody stupid dances!

        • Amy N.

          He stresses me out doing it :joy:

          • Emma A.

            Might get h one for bday x

            • Samantha M.

              I can't get away from it lol maybe you should bring it into their warm ups lol xx

              • Julia W.

                Lol he would love that xxx