Cleudo London Edition £9.44 @ Amazon

2 April 2013

Amazon are selling this Cluedo London edition for £9.44 instead of £24.99.

I have very fond memories of playing standard Cluedo as a child and an adult: as a child, I just loved playing it with my mum (she's a bit of a Cluedo fan to this very day) and as an adult...well somehow it turned into playing it in the 'opera style': you had to sing your guesses in the most dramatic opera voice possible (a lot of alcohol had been consumed when it was decided this would be a fun way to play, you can tell!).

But instead of the usual 'Colonel Mustard, with the lead piping, in the library!' predictions, it'll be something more like this: the Mayor, in the Tower of London, with a run-away taxi! (I made up the run-away taxi bit, it might an option but I rather doubt it.).

All of the usual Amazon delivery options are available to you - I'm sure you all know what they are by now, but just in case: FREEEE with the SuperSaver option, or various extra pounds for super speedy delivery.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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