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17 December 2012

Judging by the amount of Cityville status updates I see, and Cityville invitations I get, it's rather popular; Monopoly is also very popular - so marrying up the two to unleash Cityville Monopoly on the world must have seemed like a, to coin the popular phrase, 'no-brainer'.

What will be a no-brainer for me is NOT buying Cityville Monopoly!  I cannot stand those Facebook games - whether they be Farmville, Cityville or any other kind of -ville! - and I despise playing Monopoly.

I couldn't care less that you can build houses, community spaces (parks..?) and businesses on the properties you own; I couldn't care less that you need to build four skyscrapers to win the game, and I really couldn't give a monkey's doo-dah that Cityville Monopoly includes all of this:

  • 1 x Game board
  • 4 x Movers
  • 66 x Buildings
  • 16 x Skyscraper tops
  • City money
  • Zoning permit cards
  • Mystery gift cards
  • Visitor center cards
  • 2 x dice

However, if you're a Cityville fan and are looking for an after Christmas lunch game to enjoy with the family, then Cityville Monopoly may just fit the bill.

If you want to take advantage of Amazon's free SuperSaver Delivery option, and have your Cityville Monopoly delivered in time for Christmas, you've only got two days left to get your order in.  Christmas pressie time is running out!

Thanks to khye_shayela at HUKD

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