Battleships Game £6.99 @ Amazon

Battleships Game £6.99 @ Amazon

battleshipsAmazon are selling the classic game Battleships for £6.99 instead of £11.98.

If I was asked to write a list of my top 10 games, Battleships would be on it.

I loved playing it as a kid, I used to play it with my boyfriend on a Sunday morning over breakfast when I was 19 (after a few games of Battleships we'd go out for the day on his motorbike and search out the most twisty country roads, then go back to his parents for the most awesome roast dinner; they were GREAT Sundays), and I've played Battleships with my own children.

It's amusing playing it with my youngest (it's his 5th birthday a week today, he's VERY excited) because he still hasn't quite got the hang of the finer points of the game - he likes to look round and see where your ships are, then get one of HIS red pegs and put it on MY ship.

It's a stark contrast to playing with the Teenagers; if you thought playing Battleships was just for fun, think again! Playing with them is a very serious business, proper life or death warfare you know.

This isn't an Amazon Deal of the Week, so I'm sorry if they've ruined everything by putting the price up before you get a chance to grab a Battleships for £6.99.

Equally, if they've put the price down then HURRAH!

Thanks to hevski04 at HUKD


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