Postman Pat Dough Set £4.98 @ Tesco Direct

pat2 *Singing* "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white caaaat!" well tha'ts how the theme tune used to go back in my day - can you believe that Postman Pat has been delivering mail on our screens for TWENTY EIGHT YEARS??!!!

I never had play dough things as a kid but my friends did and I LOVED playing with it!  It used to amuse me, even back then, when it said on the side of the tubs that it wasn't for eating beause it smelled like marzipan...and I can't stand marzipan.

I have no idea if this Postman Pat dough set smells of marzipan (if you buy one perhaps you'll let me know!) but I do know that your kids will have loads of fun playing with it - just rolling out, cutting out, rolling out a n d cutting out seems to be enough to keep them amused for hours.

postman patThere is 1 large tub of dough, 4 small tubs, 3D Pat and Jess moulds, 1 modelling tool, 1 roller, Pat and Jess cookie cutters (you could use these to cut out REAL cookies too!) and Pat's van with interchangeable 'wheels' along with a printed play mat.

All of this for half-price at under a fiver - I'd say Tesco Direct have delivered on this one., talking of which standard delivery applies unless you arrange to collect free in-store.

Thanks to natsbee over at HUKD!

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  • Tans
    There are none of these sets on the site. Must have sold out.

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