FREE Family & Friends Railcard (Valid for 2 Months)

2 May 2014


Until the 21st of May at 23.59 you can register your details online by clicking the link below and you'll receive a free Family & Friends Railcard. Valid for 2 months, it will allow you to travel up to the 31st of July.

If you’d like to cut the cost of rail travel for family days out or holidays, railcards are a great way to save. By registering your details, you’ll be sent a free 2 month card and also receive a code for £10 discount if you wish to buy a full years railcard in the future-these normally cost £30.

So how does it work? The minimum party size is one adult and one child between the ages of 5 and 15, with the maximum being 4 adults and 4 children of the same age. Children under 5 travel free on trains and are therefore excluded from this offer. However, if your child(ren) are 4 years or younger , you can get around this by purchasing one of them a ticket, so that the remaining adults travel at the discounted price. This is obviously only worth doing if the savings made are greater than the cost of the child ticket you could have had for free.

Railcards can be used to purchase tickets online, there’s usually a “Railcard” drop down menu and also at stations. Just be aware that depending on the number of people in your party and the length of your journey, there may be other railcards more suited to your needs. Apply for this freebie for sure but always compare prices online or ask for advice at the station before buying tickets.

Thanks to Townie @ HUKD!


  • Emmielou
    Yes please
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    Thankyou for the chance to get this
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    Thank you. Great idea
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    Fab offer.
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    I think this a fantastic offer
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    how do u apply then please..
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    Excellent.. Thanx!!
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    I'm interested in free family railcard
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    Mrs Betty Nswana ***** data removed *** We are a family who travel a lot as we have family in different places that we visit ofter
  • dawn2009
    How do l get one of those
  • simol
    What a great offer ! Count me in !!
  • HeidiBarron
    Love travelling by train for a day out!
  • holliep
    Canwe get a rail cart have disabled son adult and granddaughter lives with us also onlow income so can we apply thankyou
  • glenysjanuary53
    Travel :)
  • Debbieschildcare
    Please can you send me a free family and friends railcard
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    Interested in railcard
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    this would be helpful to get kids out and about thanks
  • Kelsypops1982
    Please could I register?
  • gillparry
    Can I please have a 2 month free family and friends rail card thank you
  • hales2014
    Family rail card 2 months free.
  • Angielovesjoe
    Please may I have one this will be great to take the kids on outings .
  • Elinor123
    Yes please:)
  • lou222
    yes pls
  • karri123
  • terrimarie
    Click on the blue writing which is a link to a form for you to fill out.
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    Can I have one plz
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    Yes please please please rely good offer
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    Yes please 2 kids and 2 adults
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    I would love this
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    I would like to try out the free family and friends railcard please.
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    How do I get this free rail travel pass?
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    Please can i have one of these free rail cards
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    Thanks x
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    This is ace and only £20 for a whole year too that's really good.
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    Hi Could you please advise if I can use this railcard to travel anywhere? Thanks
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    Yes please can i hsve family free rail card
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    please could I have a card please
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    great offer thanks
  • specialjulie
    with this rail card does it mean you can travel free or do you get discount on the ticket or tickts you purchase.
  • debikerr1978
    Would love this would be gr8 thanks
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    Please could I have a free railcard, would come in very handy :)
  • char1984
    how do i apply as the link is saying its closed

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