FREE Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry's

FREE Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry's

I would take FREE Ice Cream any day of the week but FREE Ben & Jerry's? I am going daft here. If you too love their chunky, packed full of extras, yummy-scrummy Ice-Cream then mark this in your diaries... FREE Cone Day will be back on Tuesday 12th April. I know, I know... how freakin' exciting?

FREE Cone Day is an annual event held by the Ice-Cream retailers Ben & Jerry's. It doesn't take much explaining as it's just a matter of going to a Ben & Jerry's, queuing up and getting a FREE Ice-Cream Cone of your choice.

Most deals like this are limited to one per customer etc... not at Ben & Jerry's, they encourage frozen dessert gluttony by letting you queue up time and time again for more FREE Ice-Cream Cones.

What I am delighted to hear is that it's in Ben & Jerry's all over the world INCLUDING the outlets in Cinemas. I am so going to my local Odeon that day.

We will remind you again, as we get closer to this wonderful FREE eating event!


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