FREE Bing Printables: Colouring Sheets, Recipes & Things To Make

FREE Bing Printables: Colouring Sheets, Recipes & Things To Make

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If you have a pre-schooler then the chance are that they are fans of the CBeebies favourite Bing. You can buy all sorts of books and activity books in the shops for your children, but the official Bing website also has lots of things you can download for free, so you can save yourselves a bundle.

There are printable Colouring Sheets, lots of Recipes inspires by episodes, and also instruction sheets for Make & Do so that you can make things that the characters have done in the show! All you need to do is click on the ones you like and follow the instructions to download them and print them off.

  • Click here for the official Bing website

The Colouring sheets feature all the favourite characters from the show, as well as some seasonal ones too. The recipes include the Carrot Smoothie that Bing made by accident with Brenda the Blender, and the Gingerbread Street looks like it would be wonderful to try for Christmas. If you know anyone good at crafts then there are instructions to Knit Your Own Flop, and sewing instructions and a template to Make You Own Bing! I know plenty of little ones who would love to get one of those!

All of these are completely free to download and print from the Bing website. It's a Bing thing. :)


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