Free Baby On Board Badge From TFL

5 May 2014

Baby on Board The London Underground gives mums-to-be a 'baby on board' badge to pin to your clothes or belongings in the hopes that it will help people know for sure that you are in fact pregnant, and offer up a seat. This is not a new offer, but if you're anything like I was before my first pregnancy, nothing in the world of baby registered on my radar at all, and I certainly didn't know about these if they were available then!

You can email babyonboard @ tfl. gov. uk (remove the spaces) or you should be able to collect them from your local ticket office.

I must say, I found Londoners to be extremely considerate once I had a newborn in a sling, and because I looked quite obviously pregnant through the summer with my oldest. With my second I took a bit longer to show, and was extremely ill, so public transport was already a nightmare without still needing to stand the whole way!

I would have loved a badge! I think it would have made me feel more confident in asking for a seat!

Hope this helps one of you lovely mums-to-be travel in a little more comfort!

Thanks to goonertillidie and Transformers at HUKD

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