Get Your Name Eteched On To A Spacecraft Heading To The Astroid Bennu


Great freebie for the kids here, where in association with the Planetary Society, they can claim their place in space!

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission and The Planetary Society invite you to submit your name for a round-trip ride to asteroid Bennu. Your name will hitch a ride to the asteroid, spend 500 days there, and return in the Sample Return Capsule to Earth in 2023.

Plus your name will be on the spacecraft, which will remain in space long after returning the sample return capsule to Earth.

There’s a few simple boxes to fill in, name and so on and then your child can print their certificate to show to their friends. The certificate downloads as a PDF, so just make sure you have Adobe reader or a PDF reader installed on your computer.

My 7 year old did this a few months ago and loved it. After taking it into school, all the kids wanted to know where she’d got it from, so maybe your child would like it too?

Thanks to MrPieUK @ HUKD!


  • domcrook
    James crook and Lewis crook
  • Alisongough33
    Jessica Gough and Lucie Gough
  • Katheryn29
    Harvey Webster
  • abbidylan04
    Abigail &Dylan (twin Bryan) x
  • amyandharry
    Harrison Webb and George Webb
  • GBGB8
    Gavin Brown is going! 8)
  • LisaEady
    Abbie Bainbridge :)
  • xclasarginsonx
    Olivia Riley
  • battyx
    Isaac Batty
  • XxAngelAmyxX
    Harry Adams Alfie Adams Oliver Adams George Adams

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