Check Out These Zoos & Aquariums That Offer Live Streams Of Their Animals!

See giraffes, elephants, penguins, koalas, pandas, polar bears & more!
Check Out These Zoos & Aquariums That Offer Live Streams Of Their Animals!

We promised my daughter a trip to her favourite zoo over Easter but with everything going on right now this seems highly unlikely to happen now. So the next best thing is watching them live and seeing what they are up to in real time all thanks to zoos and aquariums live streaming their animals!

There are many zoo's across the world offering this service, giving you the opportunity to see some animals that you may not usually get to see as they are not in a zoo near you. Plus it will keep the kids busy with the closure of the schools.

The following zoos and aquariums have their live cameras set up and ready for you to stream:

1. Edinburgh Zoo (UK)

Panda, Koala, Penguin, Lion and Tiger cams WATCH HERE

2. Marwell Zoo (UK)

Aquarium, Flamingo, Penguin, Giraffe and Lemur cams WATCH HERE

3. Dublin Zoo (Ireland)

Elephants, Penguins, Giraffes and African Savanna cams WATCH HERE

4. San Diego Zoo (USA)

Hippo, Platypus, Penguin, Baboon, Polar Bear, Ape, Koala, Giraffe, Burrowing Owl, Condor, Elephant and Tiger cam WATCH HERE

5. Houston Zoo (USA)

Giraffe, Gorilla, Chimp, Flamingo Elephant, Leafcutter Ant and Rhino cams WATCH HERE*

6. Paignton Zoo (UK)

Meerkat, Flamingo and Sulawesi Crested Macaque cams WATCH HERE

7. Smithsonian’s National Zoo (USA)

Naked Mole-Rat, Lion, Giant Panda, Ceetah Cub and Elephant cams WATCH HERE

8. Clearwater Marine Aquarium (USA)

Dolphins, Turtles, Pelicans and Otter cams WATCH HERE

9. Reid Park Zoo (USA)

Elephant, Lemur, Giraffe, Lion and Bear cams WATCH HERE

10. Chattanooga Zoo (USA)

Meerkat, Snow Leopard, Tamarin and Spotted Genet cams WATCH HERE

11. Monterey Bay Aquarium (USA)

Monterey Bay, Sea Otter, Shark, Penguin, Coral Reef, Aviary, Kelp Forest, Jelly, Moon Jell and Open Sea cams WATCH HERE

12. Kansas City Zoo (USA)

King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Polar Bear and Orangutan cams WATCH HERE

13. Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo (Australia)

Otters, Penguins, Giraffes, Snow Leopards Cubs, Zebras and Lions cams WATCH HERE

14. Maryland Zoo (USA)

Penguin, Lion, Giraffe and Flamingo cams WATCH HERE

15. Dudley Zoo (UK)

Sumatran Tigers and Humboldt Penguins cams WATCH HERE

16. Zoo Atlanta (USA)


17. ZSL London Zoo (UK)

Giraffe, Meerkat, Goat, Primates, Penguin camsWATCH HERE

18. Whipsnade Zoo (UK)

Penguin, Elephant, Rhino camsWATCH HERE

Home Safari Live @ Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park are running various free online home safari sessions for children, starting 14th Jan 10am every Thursday. Home Safari Live is a real-time, interactive experience, with special access, where you can experience and learn at the Safari online.

  • Live Broadcast
  • Multi-location technology
  • Question and Answer sections
  • See animals up close

The home safari live team will show you live animals in the safari school as well as behind the scenes footage around the safari. There will be activities that you can do at home too. There are two home Safari options, Science at the Safari and Wellbeing through Wildlife.

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