Weighted Hula Hoop With Ball From £14.98 Delivered @ Wowcher

Just like the ones on TikTok!
Weighted Hula Hoop With Ball From £14.98 Delivered @ Wowcher

TikTok is awash with videos featuring these Weighted Hula Hoops. They are nothing new, but I had never seen them with the gravity balls attached until recently. These are super popular right now, especially with those of us trying to get rid of lockdown chub. Grab one yourself from as little as £14.98 delivered at Wowcher.

Weighted Hula Hoop With Ball

The Weighted Hula Smart Hoop is made up of 360-degree rotating and shock absorbing massage rings - the special grooves ensure your hoop will be easy to keep up even if you're as useless as I am.

There's a weighted gravity ball attached that weighs 1.5 pound and this paired with the weighted grooves will help you burn fat up to three times faster than a regular hula hoop. Plus it's way more fun.

Made with durable ABS plastic.

Prices are as follows:

12 sections (waist size below 50cm): £9.99

18 sections (waist size below 90cm): £15.99
21 sections (waist size below 100cm): £19.99
24 sections (waist below 130cm): £22

Once you've purchased the Weighted Hula Hoop Deal on Wowcher you'll be emailed a voucher to redeem. Once you've done this (you must do so within 28 days), you'll receive your hoop.

Delivery is a flat rate of £4.99.


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