Weight Loss Items That'll Help You Stick To Your Diet!

Helping you on your fitness journey even when you're stuck at home!
Weight Loss Items That'll Help You Stick To Your Diet!

With the new year here, it's a given that many of us (myself included) will start a weight loss journey. Sure, many will fall at the first hurdle and will fail within the first week - others will plough on and hit targets they never thought they could. What's the secret? Firstly, willpower is the most important thing of all, but there are little helpful items that'll stop you from falling off of the wagon.

Free PureGym Workout App

Free PureGym app

With gyms across the country closed due to latest lockdown, PureGym have made their app temporarily free of charge, so that anyone can access 400 free workouts to exercise at home.

With the app, you can build a personalised workout to meet your goals, with online resources include cardio, strength and HIIT classes, as well as low-impact options and core stability and stretching sessions. Previously, the app required a PureGym membership of around £19.99 per month to be able to access any of the workout videos, classes or advice, but now anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download the PureGym app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started.

Diet Cookbooks

Joe Wicks Cookbook

Scratching your head as to what you can and can't eat? Diet cookbooks are a real helpful way to inspire you to cook the right food to aid your weight loss. The world is your oyster, as the market is absolutely saturated with them.

Fitbit or Fitness Tracker

One of the biggest motivators to get you moving more, thus burning calories, is to get a fitness tracker or Fitbit. Some of these can be linked to an app where you have online support, and targets to work towards...

Diet Journal / Food Diary

Weight Loss Journal

You'd be surprised how many people fail at weight loss simply because they don't realise what they are tucking away on a daily basis. Whether you're on Slimming World, Keto, Weight Watchers or counting calories - a food diary or diet journal can be a helpful tool to keep you on the right track...


Having an accurate set of scales can make the difference between success and failure at shedding the pounds. Some people like to weigh themselves at a local Boots where they have the digital scales, and others like to weigh more frequently, so like to have their own set in the bathroom...

Portion Plates

Next Portion Plates

Portion control is the downfall of most of us these days - even those that aren't dieting. A portion plate can ensure you're eating just the right quantities to lose weight (or maintain).

Exercise Equipment

It's a no-brainer that exercise helps burn the calories to lose weight. Choosing equipment that you will use is the key to it working for you. The market has so much to offer from weights to treadmills and much more.

Weight Loss Progress Plaques

Wooden Weight Loss Plaque

So you're losing weight and want to keep up the momentum. Weight loss plaques are such a super way to log your progress and in turn help you to carry on towards your end goal.

Fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs may strike you as being soooo 90's, but they are a super way to burn the cals if you're housebound because of the kids, or a little too shy for the gym. Remember, any activity is better than none!

Diet Buddy

Having a friend or acquaintance that is on the same diet journey as you can really help push you that bit further. You may need someone to stop you from eating that Tunnocks Teacake, or someone that you'd like to compete with. Having support when it comes to losing weight is a good way to stay on the right road.

Good luck on your weight loss/fitness journey during 2021!

Image Credits: Google, Next and eBay Store: Woodenformcrafts

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