Utterly Brilliant Halloween Bakes And Makes

24 October 2013

Look, this is the last chance I have to write about Halloween this year and so I’m going to take it. This is largely inspired by the fact that I am going to host a zombie apocalypse night and invite a bunch of friends to come round and watch a bad zombie movie projected onto the wall of the house. Sure, it will be cold, but that’s what pumpkin pie and gluhwein and wine are for! Also, it will be a child-free party so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the not so child-friendly ideas I’ve been working on… First, let me give a special mention to the creator of the jelly brains in the picture above, just awesome.

This glow in the dark ice-cream recipe was created by an award winning ice cream entrepreneur called Charlie Harry Francis and I believe it is the first glow in the dark ice cream in the world.  He also made a glow in the dark ice cream that lights up when you lick it as it reacts with the neutral PH of your tongue. This, of course, won’t work if you are an Alien (from, er, Alien) and are made up primarily of acid. His one uses a jellyfish luminescence that is super expensive. His scoops cost him around £140 each. Insane.

Fortunately this recipe is far easier. You can follow these instructions from Lick Me I’m Delicious to make your own glowing Gin & Tonic Sorbet:

400g caster sugar

800ml tonic water

4 tbsp gin

1 ultraviolet light

This recipe works because quinine, a standard ingredient in tonic water, glows under UV light.  Here’s what to do:  warm 400ml tonic water with the caster sugar over a low heat, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.  Pour in the rest of the tonic and the gin.  Transfer to an ice cream mixer and leave to freeze.  Serve under a UV light and enjoy your delicious glowing snow cone.

Ok so, get out there and hang that UV light over your table. I mean, no Halloween party is really that good without one anyway, is it?

Next up is a dish that is so grim and so realistic that I am not entirely sure I could eat it, even knowing it was made of watermelon. You can find the complete instruction list on Instructables and it doesn’t look that hard either! I reckon this one can sit next to the glowing ice cream, after all what goes better with melon than ice cream?

This one is revoltingly good but you do need a dark sense of humour to do it. It is also from Instructables and this time you will be making Toddler Toddy, a tasty punch with the arms and legs of a baby floating in it. Yuck! Hilarious! EW!

Look, that one certainly shouldn’t be served at a party with sensitive folk attending, especially not children.

Now for something warm, to keep those collywobbles at bay, and to totally gross you out in the process. You can make, courtesy of Canary Girl, an ugly bake that looks exactly like intestines. Like most of the recipes here, I recommend stocking up on red food colouring and doing it now. I imagine it will soon be in short supply. The entire recipe and instructions can be found on her site that I linked to above. It’s genius.

I love this drink recipe which has revolting worms and green liquid swirling about. Ideal for the opening gambit – hand people a glass of this nasty to drink when they arrive and you’ll get the mood going in no time. Also, all the ingredients are super tasty so they will be gulped down in a heartbeat. Hehe, heartbeat…

The flayed skin cheeseballs are just too wrong for words and whoever came up with this idea is a genius of the highest order. Just look at those eyes! Even knowing they are made from cheese makes me quiver at the idea of putting one in my mouth. Aaaiieee!

So there you go, lots of ideas and loads of links that will lead you to even more ideas. You can even get one of those jelly brain moulds and make brain jelly to freak out your guests. Happy Halloween!

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