Thorntons Christmas Range Review

What would you do if someone dropped a bag of chocolate on your doorstep? A seriously big bag of chocolate? And not just any chocolate but Thornton's chocolate. Oh yes, it really did feel like Christmas had come early in my house this year.

As I waddled over to the computer, I did wonder at the wisdom of eating it all by myself. But who would share their scrummy chocolate? OK so I didn't really eat it all, but oh boy, it would have been tempting.

Thorntons has a range of chocolates specially aimed at Christmas shopper. I felt obliged to get some of these in for review, so I could test them for your benefit. Honestly, the trials we go through here at PlayPennies, just for you dear reader.

Here's how the tests went, so you can work out for yourself which tasty treats are worth spending your cash on, and which you should avoid.

Thorntons chocolate dipped nougat

This is pure indulgence. Really, it is. The price of the Thornton's chocolate dipped nougat, £4.99, is high for nougat, even if it is dipped in the scrummy Thorntons chocolate. So the nougat had to be really, really good. And it was. Not too floury (as some can be - not real flour obviously but  bit too crumbly) and not too chewy. It was light on the tongue and extremely tasty. The nougat wasn't excessively sticky or overly sweet either.

In fact you could gobble this down without even realising it, they are that moreish. 'More more more' says your tongue. These are a delicious treat that would look lovely with little ribbons tied around each one and hung from the tree.

As a tasty treat for the day, great, but the price edges towards high here.

White Chocolate Sidney Snowman

Sidney is yummy. He is made from that really milky white chocolate that doesn't suffer from the almost acidic after taste that many of the cheaper brands get. You know, that feeling like you've eaten too many chemicals? The chocolate here is thick and creamy and Sidney is a fair sized dude.

I think that £6.49 is a bit expensive here though. I mean, I've bought chocolates from Thorntons every year and many of them are personalised and I have found them to be bigger for the same price. That said, would I buy Sidney? Definitely. My son loves white chocolate and snowmen so he ticks all the boxes. He is also, well, a snowman. So that makes him that little more christmassy.

You can't hang Sidney from the tree but he comes in a see through white box that does look rather sweet perched in the branches. That's the other thing, there isn't a lot of shouting on the packaging, which I really like, and there isn't too much of it either.

Penguin Mugs And Treats

Ok now this is REALLY good value for money. I love this gift set and I am so going to get another one for my nephew. The Penguin Mugs and Treats gift set is £7.99.

This gorgeous ceramic mug is really big actually - bigger than your average child mug - and heavy. It feels like quality and it feels strong and it looks fab. My son immediately thought it was one of the Octonauts and hugged it with glee. He now drinks his juice in it every single day.

It is robust, appears to be alright with dishwashers and has a nice amount of volume. Inside the penguin you also get fudge and chocolate buttons. These didn't last very long at all and were utterly scrummy.

I really like the Thorntons fudge so this packet mysteriously found its way into my tummy one cold wintery evening.

Mini Handbag With Two Chocolate Hearts

These are so sweet, in both senses of the word. The Mini Handbag with two chocolates, £1.99, is a cute wee gift. And those chocolates are just gorgeous. I could have eaten a bucket full of them alone. Maybe two buckets.

Monkeys & Bananas

I wasn't so sure about these. Banana chocolate? Sounded a big yuk. So I really did take ages to open the Monkeys & Bananas box, £2.99. Inside the box are two monkey heads and some bananas.

The monkey heads are ace. They are thick thick thick slabs of monkey shaped chocolate that taste scrummy. After I tasted them I had a hard time sharing. They do not taste of bananas. They are just a silky blend of milk and white chocolate.

The bananas  are banana flavoured sweets that shouldn't taste nice but do. I had one and then ate the rest while watching Bones on the telly. When my husband asked me for another one I could do nothing more than offer a guilty smile. And plan my diet.

I also find this to be good value for money. They could even be split up to make stocking fillers easily, and the price is spot on for how much scrummy stuff you get.

Viennese Truffle Heart

I really didn't like the Viennese Truffle Heart, £2.99, but I am not a fan of alcoholic chocolates. I found the outer covering way too sweet and the filling just didn't make up for it.

There was something about these that made me taste one and then hand the box straight over to my husband. The box is ace - a lovely heart-shape that is made from good quality materials and will store the choccies for ages.

Paulo Penguin Goodie Box

Another slice of great value for money here.  The Paulo Penguin Goodie Box £3.49. You get a lot of chocolate and sweeties here and it is so well priced, honestly, for what you get. And the box is all cute and penguin decorated. And it is part of a 3 for 2 offer at the moment too.

This will make a superb stocking filler and the little fondant mouse is tasty and cute. As I obviously had to taste test it before I gave it to my child, I give it thumbs up. There are raisins inside, covered in chocolate, and divine strawberry chocolate buttons.

And Finally

Chocolates are a matter of personal taste. However, the overall package can be assessed, and the quality of the chocolate. No real complaints there, but I was surprised at how much you might get for the money you spend.

Overall verdict:

Thorntons chocolate dipped nougat is a tasty treat for the day, but the price edges towards high here.

White Chocolate Sidney Snowman is Christmassy, but overly expensive for what you get even with the personalisation.

Penguin Mugs And Treats has a price that is honestly really good for what you get. Compared to Sidney it seems odd that for about £1 more you get so much more!

Mini Handbag With Two Chocolate Hearts works out to nearly £1 per heart but wow they're nice.

Monkeys & Bananas are one that I thoroughly recommend for kids and adults alike.

Viennese Truffle Heart has a nice box, and may have nice chocolate if you like the alcoholic kind.

Paulo Penguin Goodie Box is a very tasty box of goodies that comes in at a very tasty price. I would easily buy these in bulk for kids. Yeah, for the kids ...


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