Tesco Indulgent Tummy Butter Review


When I first nabbed a tin of Tesco’s indulgent tummy butter I was ambivalent. Was this £4.50 well spent on a delicious lotion or was it going to be a bit pants. I am very particular about the smell of lotions and potions and there is not a lot of info on the bright pink packaging as to what it is going to finally whiff of.

The packaging fell off the tub really easily. It was very flimsy which I can’t decide is a good thing or a bad thing. Either way it practically collapsed in my hands to reveal a tub that is far more tasteful than the box. In a plain cream container with a light pink packaging the Tesco Blossom indulgent tummy butter looks good.

Then I opened it. Oh my. I was sitting on the bed with my daughter when I unscrewed the lid and when she saw my blissful expression she immediately zoomed in to take a sniff herself. It is utterly delectable. I cannot tell you how scrummy this is! It actually smells creamy. It really does.

It isn’t a totally overwhelming smell either. You get this hint of cocoa butter and something else I can’t quite put my finger on and it lasts for ages, letting of lovely whiffs as the day goes by.

I also have a pregnant friend so I immediately slathered some on her. We both found that the lotion was very pleasant to apply, didn’t take ages to absorb. There was a faint stickiness for a few minutes afterwards but nothing too dramatic. For the price, this lotion moisturises beautifully, smells amazing and does keep the skin supple and soft.

The Tesco Blossom products are available instore and online but you have to first log-in to see what is available in your area, that's why we don't have a direct link to the product here.

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