Syno-Vital Hyaluronan Review

26 November 2010

Syno Vital 1 Syno what?! I hear you ask. Syno-Vital Hyaluronan. Not the Vulcan Ambassador to Rigel VII, which was my first guess. It is actually a food supplement. Syno-Vital Hyaluronan is, according to the manufacturer, found in the synovial fluid of the joints, the fluid in the eyes and is most abundant in the skin.

Hyaluronan is a clear, odourless liquid that is (again, according to the manufacturer) essential for good health; it’s the principle compound for retaining water and plays an important role in transporting nutrients around the body.  "As we age, levels of Hyaluronan dramatically decrease and it becomes more important to keep the whole body hydrated.  Replacing lost Hyaluronan can be of huge benefit, not only does it significantly improve skin texture and its condition by minimising lines and wrinkles but it also helps maintain healthy joints and eyes."

Wow it all sounds rather impressive don't you think? Maybe a bit too impressive. Thanks to the likes of Ben Goldacre, I'm rather skeptical these days of such extravagant claims. If something is really so incredibly life enhancing, then surely they'd be dishing them out to us at the doctor's surgery. The savings to the NHS would be immense.

Syno Vital 2That said, there's no harm in taking these supplements and certainly I couldn't find any medical trials or research that showed it might be harmful. Likewise I couldn't find anything to support the claim either. To be fair though, the website does not make any miracle claims about the supplement. It just points out what the compound does in our body, and it doesn't say that taking additional doses of the stuff will do the same thing. I'd like to know more myself, and would prefer to have at least some evidence that the supplement survives when entering your body in a form that allows the body to use it as a direct replacement for the same stuff that it makes naturally.

In the absence of anything empirical, the only thing to do was to try it out ourselves. I gave a month's supply to PlayPennies mum of one, Tracey, to see how she'd get on. So did it make any difference?

"Can’t honestly say it did or didn’t work. I know that this weekend I got ill and looked terrible but when I used this stuff I looked normal. Normal in spite of a hideous 6 weeks. I mean, really, really tough."

Tracey goes on to explain. "So it is saying something that it made me look rested when I was running on empty. I wish they would do 31 sachets for the average longer month (or is it average less? I am sure the average is more but my maths is rubbish ). "

Syno Vital 3

And Finally ...

Modern Herbals has Syno Vital Hyaluronan on sale at the moment, with 20% off the usual price. For £23.83 you'll get one pack that contains (I assume, there's nothing actually said on the website) one months worth of sachets. The products comes in liquid solution: "1 sachet per day in water".

Did our mum Tracey think it was worth the money? "I can’t say that it is good value for money but I love the fact that it actually DOES something you know – actually carries nutrients and stuff – whereas the £22 you spend on Boots number 7 doesn’t actually DO anything. Know what I mean? I would rather spend a bit more and use the syno stuff as it feels like it is actually benefiting me physically as well."

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  • Lynne H.
    I started taking hyaluronic acid 1 month ago.I think it's started to kick in but will know more in a week or 2.I take Lubrisyn.It's to do with the molecular size for getting into the blood stream.I'm 52 and have back,knee,toe,hip pain.I'm not sure thatyou've given this syno vital to the right age group to start with and 1 month supply doesn't sound enough to make any kind of judgement.also more than 1 person should have tried it and those people should have joint problems and stated them.the peson you chose was more interrested in makeup(typical of a young fit mum).so in my opinon you failed or were prejudiced to start with.
  • 601Barney
    I used this stuff for over a year, can't say I felt any difference at all, I'm 55 now have a little hip/knee pain, but this is down to the way I walk as it is with most females, due to our hips we tend to be (mostly, not all) slightly knock kneed. I did try the hydra vital though which goes on the skin under your moisturizer this was good added a dewy look and was pretty good around my little lines that have started to appear. Very expensive though, and I'm not sure if argan oil would do the same for about a third of the price.

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