Nestle Aero Instant Hot Chocolate 1kg £4.10 @ Amazon

Nestle Aero Instant Hot Chocolate 1kg £4.10 @ Amazon


It's winter, and what do you need in winter? Hot chocolate, that's what! We go through loads in our house, and when the kids have been out playing in the snow, there's nothing they want more than a warm cup of hot chocolate. Aero is one of the nation's favourite chocolate bars and Nestle make Aero Hot Chocolate as well as sweets. In the supermarkets you can get the single sachets, or the little tubs of it. Amazon have the massive 1kg tin of it for only £4,10. That is incredible, as I paid £2 odd for the little tub.

The Nestle Aero Hot Chocolate is made with hot water which means no faffing with heating milk. You can of course make it with milk for a luxurious drink, and if you are really naughty put some squirty cream and marshmallows on top.

Each cup of the Aero Hot Chocolate is approx 98 calories, which is not bad at all. This will cure your chocolate fix, if you are on a diet for sure. This tin will give you 41 cups of hot chocolate.

The Nestle Aero Instant Hot Chocolate is an add-on item, which means you must spend £10+ to have it delivered. So, to get it delivered for FREE just grab something costing £5.10 or more like this Share Pouch of Bubblegum Pencils*for £5.14.


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