Luggable Loo £14.99 @ Outdoor World

2 July 2010

loo This month, this wonderfully hot and sticky month, we are looking at everything you could possibly need to make festivals more fun. There is loads of time for you to still get you and your family happily ensconced at one of these festivals so why not stock up on some essentials, like this luggable loo for example.

This portable toilet has been marked down from £24.99 to only £14.99 and includes free next day delivery (in case you’re in a rush). It is a bucket style toilet with a snap-on hinged seat and cover with a convenient carry handle with a contoured grip.

You won’t have many problems porting this chap around and you’ll get to avoid all the horrible queues for all the horrible loos too. This is ideal for campers and caravanners too, so see this as an investment in your camping floo2uture.

The waste bags you need to complete the kit are not included, but if you’re on a budget they are probably just as easily replaced with your surplus pile of plastic bags. They’ll do the job just as easily and you’re saving the planet. Or something.

Thanks to drbunsen at HUKD!


  • TheDoctor
    You could just use a bin bag really. That's what I do. People tend to stare a bit when you fire one out whilst you are waiting for a bus, but that's never stopped me.
  • neal
    and i read it as chuggable.... really!

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