Lion King 'Hakuna Matata' Musical Toothbrush £2.82 @ Amazon

Lion King 'Hakuna Matata' Musical Toothbrush £2.82 @ Amazon

toothbrush1*singing* Hakuna matata...what a wonderful phrase....hakuna matata....'aint no passing's means NO WORRIES for the rest of your days.....

Teeth cleaning - it can be one of the epic battles of parenting right from toddlerhood to teenage-doom.  There's nothing worse than knowing the end of every day with your little one is going to end up in full-blown war over the toothbrush.

It's horrible for the kids and it's frustrating for us parents; we want our little treasures teeth to be strong, sparkly and white, we don't want to get lectured by the dentist but we don't want our children getting seriously upset every day, I mean what are we supposed to do...hold them in a headlock and just do it?  Or leave it until the next night and then the next one a-n-d the next one?!

Dismiss musical toothbrushes at your peril if the scenario I've just described sounds in any way familar to you!  If I'd tried them out sooner I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and tantrums (and they were just my tantrums!).

toothbrush2The Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays "Hakuna Matata" from the Lion King for one minute, it's perfectly designed for little three-year-old+ mouths and hands to encourage independence - "NO! I want to do it!!" are the magic words you want to hear.

Amazon have cut the price from its original £7.99 to £2.82 so you could a couple if you wanted to 'stock up' whilst they're a good price.

Happy brushing!

Thanks to oB765o over at HUKD!


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