Karvol Vaporiser Review

8 October 2011

We’ve been really blessed over the last two years to not have any particularly noticeable or memorable colds or coughs in our home – that is till this month.  My daughter woke up with one awful cough, so bad in fact that on two occasions she had nose bleeds from the violence of it.

Of course, during a coughing fit like that, she really struggled to breathe, which – in pure mum and slack writer terms: freaked me out!

The cold itself had to be taken care of, but I decided we needed a little added help at night to keep her chest open, decongested, and make her breathing a little easier.  I dug out a Karvol Vaporiser I’d picked up along the way somewhere and plugged it in.

I was worried that there wasn’t enough vapour in it as it’s been standing for well over two years, and the packaging says that each refill lasts three nights. It definitely lasted longer than that, be we also didn’t use it all night long as in a small closed room we found it rather overwhelming.  The vapour definitely is very strong, and it certainly clears your airways in much the same way as Vicks, without being on your skin.

The Karvol Vaporiser combines pine, cinnamon and menthol and I’d say its definitely the menthol you’re most aware of, which is also I think what makes it so overwhelmingly strong.

Apparently the Vaporiser is also useful for sinus problems and hayfever, which I’ll try to remember for the spring when the pollen attacks my family.

The Karvol Vaporiser is suitable for use from 3 months of age and is safe in a child’s room due to a child lock feature which stops them from pulling out the liquid bit.


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