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iSightTestApp I wonder where it will end; iOpen Heart Surgery perhaps?

We're not quite that far yet but I'm sure some bright spark will come up with something along those lines; in the meantime, ladies and gentleman, I give you...the iSight Test App for parents who want to test their children's eyesight in the comfort of their own home.

I can hear opticians crying into their contact lens solution as I type!

Eye specialists have designed the iSight test app for measuring the vision of children as young as eighteen months and, I have to be honest, it looks pretty good to me.

Around 5% of children develop an eyesight problem, such as squint or needing glasses before they start school. The thing is, vision deteriorates gradually and if you're little how do you know that's not what it's like for everyone?

A lot of research has gone into the iSight test app - it's not just a free gimicky thing, it will cost you £7.49 to buy - and there's information for parents and eye specialists on their website.

Go and take a look-see and see what YOU think.

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