HEADS UP! Batman And Polly Pocket Kinder Surprise Easter Eggs £5 @ Tesco

kinder easter

What's bigger than a giant Kinder Egg? NOTHING! That's why when these Batman and Polly Pocket Kinder Surprise Easter eggs were released last year people went daft and they sold out ever so quickly and showed up on eBay at silly prices. We now know that they are available in Tesco only at the moment and are £5 each.  They are available in store and online.

There's a choice of two: the Batman one is aimed at boys, but that doesn't mean a girl won't like it. I loved Batman when I was little, and the Polly Pocket is aimed at girls.

I know what you want to know... is the egg like a big Kinder egg, with the milk chocolate on the outside and the white lining inside. The answer is YES! My kids are going to love these and the novelty value is tremendous.

The toys inside looks like a big version of the crumby trash ones you get in the normal size eggs. How I hate those! They are bigger and are Batman or Polly Pocket so the kids will go daft for them.

These will be HUGE again this year so you really want to grab one sooner rather than later.

Thanks to charlesfarley @ HUKD 

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  • Speechuk
    There also available at the co op. Bought one last week x

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