Seven Seas Haliborange Children's Multivitamin And Omega 3 Review

3 May 2013

The sun is shining, prising the last icy fingers of winter from its grip on the great outdoors. Thank goodness. I do not remember having a winter as long as that one before. Starting in August and running all the way through to April.

Normally I don't worry too much about things like vitamin supplements. A good, balanced diet is all any of us need. And there's no clear evidence that we can actually get all the vitamins we need from these supplements anyway.

Right now though I don't want all the vitamins either myself or my children need. What I want is to get a boost, a little bit extra. I think we're all feeling a little run over by the winter of 2012/13.

This is where Seven Seas is hoping its new Haliborange range of vitamins for kids, with their 'softies' appearance and texture, will come in. A much more palatable format, in theory, for children. So do they work?

The Haliborange Kids Omega 3 + multivitamins (£5 for 30 chewable capsules) are described as having orange fruit shapes. What they don't say is that they have cute little faces on them, a bit disconcerting for me when you're meant to eat them. Not something that the kids worried about at all.

My son won't eat jelly type sweets at all. He is rather unusual in not actually liking Haribo sweets at all. Not that I mind. I love them, and it means that when he gets a party bag I get to scoff all the Haribo! So no complaints here.

Not so good when it comes to stuff I really do want him to eat, like these vitamins. They have a texture that reminds me a lot of the fried egg sweet you get in the Haribo mix.

They also have a very orangey taste, sweet but also a little tart. It says that the Omega 3 isn't fish oil and it certainly doesn't taste at all fishy. But I did find that there was a bit of a fishy aftertaste in my mouth later. That could be just psychological though! Handy if your child won't take those other types of Omega 3 supplements for that reason.

So, I gave them to a friend to test them out on her son for me. Her child loved them, maybe a little too much. They are a lot like sweets, and I do remember sneaking the old Haliborange vitamin tablets from the medicine cupboard when my mum wasn't looking for the same reason. Anyway, he did managed to sneak a good handful out one day, so enticing your child to eat them isn't a problem!

The softies are gluten free but they are not suitable for vegetarians unfortunately as they contain gelatin. The chewable tablets also contain sugar, so remember to take them before you brush the kids teeth in the morning. And they also contain sweeteners. In this instance it is Sorbitol not Aspartame, which is something I guess.

If you allow sweets in their diet though, then one of these a day isn't much in the great scheme of things. On the other hand, if you're dead against sugar or sweeteners then these are not the multivitamins for you.

Pros: a really great taste, texture like sweeties, and no fishy flavour

Cons: contains gelatin, a little sugar, and sweetener

Overall verdict: 9/10 - these are the first Omega 3 multivitamins I've tasted that don't have that gagging fishy after taste.

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