Free Personalised Nutella Jar Label

nutella If you love Nutella, a little jar with your own - or someone in the family's - name on it. As part of their 50th celebration Nutella are giving away 5000 gifts. This month those are 1000 Nutella shopping bags, and 150 chopping boards up for competition prizes, but everyone that enters receives a personalised Nutella jar label.

Now, I must say that I can't see that it says jar anywhere - I don't think you actually get a jar of Nutella, just the label, but that would be easy enough to stick over a jar anyway.

There's a bit of work involved in this freebie as you have to submit your 'Nutella story', a picture, video or text story will do.

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  • zoeno1
    When I was expecting my son I had cravings for celery dipped in nutella! I still love nutella but not with celery now!
  • Rubyowen
    It's for my 6 year old daughter, who just loves Nutella , she as it every day x
  • Charlies1
    My daughter loves Nutella. Partner doesnt so refuses to buy it. My 4 year old recently had to go breakfast club before school as I had to work and now insists she goes every day. Odd I ask myself! Until I discovered why......she has nutella on toast every morning and at £2.50 a breakfast session im thinking we'll be getting a jar now to have at home! :-) Thanks for being so tasty :-)
  • Lucylou1104
    One day on the Nutella Facebook page I saw a contest to win a FREE jar of Nutella!! All you had to do was submit a photo of a nuttela breakfast! So I submitted a pic of pancakes and Nutella! I won but after a while my jar hadn't arrived! I messaged Nutella to ask where my jar was and they apologised and offered me TWO jars!! They even arrived on my birthday!! They were very yummy:3X)
  • Cheryl08
  • Debbiehowkins
  • Debbiehowkins
  • rebeccamariex
    Me and my sis in law Claire are both pregnant with our second babies :) both expecting girls, 6 days apart! We are closer now than ever. Her craving is Nutella, it's all she snacks on and if she could get away with it it'd be her breakfast, dinner and tea! She would absolutely love her own personalised jar and would blatantly reuse it all the time! I would love to see her face! Thank you Nutella xxxx
  • williswallis
    I am a very big fan of nutella and used to be more of a fan when i was younger. My dad has a picture of me as a baby on his desk at work. I am gorging my self in nutella wearing just a nappy with the chocolate all over my face. Fond memories
  • jquelderie
  • blacksheepwarrior10
    I have enjoyed Nutella since I was a child, I think it may have become an addiction as I'm now 44yrs old and I have a jar each week to my self (daughter has her own too!) Which I store in the fridge, as it scoops out like little chilled ice lollies. .I have made the cheesecake, cookies and the fudge which I will confess not many family or friends had a taste of, I can honestly say I love the stuff :)
  • Libby1984
    My best friend always has Nutella in the house. Every time I visit her I go straight to the cupboard, Nutella out, spoon out of the drawer, 2 spoonfuls, lick the spoon clean and put it back with the other spoons. She has no idea :-) x
  • Charlene88
    I started my new job and it's very tiring so one night I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner until I came across a Nutella Pizza from the local chip shop, was lovely :)
  • Vcollins87
    My husband Tim loves Nutella on toast for his breakfast. Since having our son, they share Nutella on toast before we wave him off to work in the mornings. We would like a personalise label with "Daddy" on it as it represents a special moment that my husband shares with our son.
  • Kekky
    Hey, my little boy Adam absolutely loves Nutella and when he is not well its is the only thing he will have and always makes him feel better. I don't mind him having it as often as he likes as it is full of goodness and tastes great :) I know he would be beside himself if he had a jar with his name on it. I am also a huge fan of Nutella and always keep a jar in my desk at work for a sweet afternoon treat with crackers yummy :) xx
  • gingell69
    Taila is nuts about Nutella, my daughter Taila loves natella but is always complaining that her little sister has eaten it all. If I were to get her and her sister Milli their own lables to put on jars there would be no more arguing, and we would have one happy mum.
  • chazyojyummy
    My son loves his nutella hes 2 and a half and has it everyday on eith toast, pancakes or waffles. He would eat it from the jar if i wud allow him too haha he would live his own personalised jar
  • sexkitten
    I just love nutella and toast x
  • clairydoug1
    After reading this I have Just sent my husband out for a jar of Nutella, I'm at home sitting waiting, with spoon in hand!
  • angel21
    We all love nutella on toast, bread, or watching a film with a jar and a spoon. But my totally favourite it warm nutella on ice cream delicious.
  • Shazzycopes
    Ive became nutella obsessed from I started slimming world as its better for u than a chocolate wen I want a chocolate fix I melt dum nutella and pour over fresh fruit snd its gorgeous.. LOVE NUTELLA!!!!!
  • sweetsecb
    First time I have ever brought nutella was about a week ago and my daughter loves it , must admit I do aswell , we have it on toast , crumpets or muffins. Yum yum . Can I have Alesha on my label . Cheers
  • claireamy
    we love nutella in our house, myself and my kids love eating it from a spoon as a treat - it tastes magic. my daughter Amy is super excited to recieve her personlised jar xx:)
  • leonoramcpherson
    my son craig has toast and Nutella every day (he is 19 years old) and has been having this since we went to Greece on holiday and discovered it,when he was young. he always left the last mouthful for the dog, who waited patiently every morning for his bit. sadly our dog died last month and my son now puts the last mouthful into the bin as he can't bring himself to eat it all.
  • Quacky74
    I have always loved Nutella. My mam would send emergency packages when I was a student and they would always contain a jar of Nutella. I would sit and eat from the jar using a teaspoon. I would have it with satsumas when I was pregnant. Now all my children love it. I'm lucky if I get anywhere near it now! I would like Tanfield on my jar, as we will share it. X :-D
  • Tgangel6
    Pancakes and Nutella would be the all day every day food for my strapping lad.....Nathan
  • LuschkaPP
    These are lovely stories folks! Remember to submit them on the Nutella site (link above) to get your free label :)
  • Bragow
    I have loved Nutella since I was about 12 (39 now) I tried it on my first family holiday in Spain, then it was the little ones you could peal back the top and you had a little spoon to eat (or lick) with. Now I am a mother to 2 kids 17 & 13 they both have fallen for it too, on toast, bread or in the jar with a teaspoon.. always a BIG jar in the cupboard. Can I please have labels for my kids as a wee surprise, names.. Chloe & Jamie Thank You
  • SamHazel
    Both my husband and I love Nutella, I use it to slim down instead of chocolate bars. I will no doubt be letting my son have some when he is old enough too :)
  • millywin
    For my gorgeous daughter Poppy who is seven and is a chocoholic she loves all things chocolate and she loves nutella the most on toast on pancakes on anything she would love a jar with her name onxxxxpleeeeasexxxthanks poppys mummyxxx
  • latisha76
    For both my boys as they love it every day Kieran and keri thank you
  • jasscar
    My daughter absolutely loves Nutella on toast and would have it for tea everyday if she could and I love having the sneaky spoonful! Jasmine on the label please.
  • Kapink2014
    My little boy would love this he's a total nutters addict! He'd have it on everything if we let him! He's a unique boy with a unique name that would look really cool on a jar! ' Beckett' aged 4 and the quarters x
  • MrsF85
    For valentines day my husband bought me a 5kg jar of took me 3 months to get through it but it was our happiest 3 months yet and the most romantic present ever! I would love to be able to give him his own little jar of Nutella for my hubby Craig. Love you Nutella!!
  • mummyvicki03
    I I ate it by the jar load when I was pregnant and subsequently my daughter Hollie now has it on everything its her favourite x
  • julz303
    Well pregnant the jar got a reaspoon in it for my fix. Tho nutella with rich tea biscuits yum yum. the name on the jar would be felicity. Thank you this is a big ask but I have a stepdaughter who,'s name is katie if possible could I have this also thats she is not left out
  • Lynnei
    my 17 year old son (Solomon) will eat nothing else in his lunch every day, his college mates tease him mercilessly but he doesn't care. HE LOVES IT! The name on the jar would be SOLOMON
  • Squire10
    Last year, on holiday in Greece, I found some washing-up liquid called Ava. I bought it for my daughter,Ava, as a joke, as she never washes up and she was just about to start University. Being a student now, she eats jars of Nutella in one sitting! I would love to give her one with her very own name on to make up got the washing up liquid!
  • Mokillz
    My brother loves nutella he has it nearly evry day i think he will love it

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