Fitbit Charge HR £59.99 Delivered @ CleverBoxes

Fitbit Charge HR £59.99 Delivered

After a good Fitbit but not wanting to pay £80+? The Fitbit Charge HR is reduced to just £59.99 at CleverBoxes. It's the Large size in Tangerine that's down in price - so if that's the one you're after, then you're in luck.

The Fitbit Charge HR monitors your heart rate automatically and continuously. It also tracks calorie burn and workout intensity.

Via the app, it records your workouts and logs heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes.

It also lets you know when you get a phone call and who is calling you.

Don't think your getting a good night's sleep? Wear it overnight to see how well you're snoozing.

I bought a Fitbit a few months back and it was the best thing I have ever done! Not only did it encourage me to get my butt moving but I can link up via the app with my husband and challenge him.

Delivery is FREE for this Fitbit Charge HR as it's over £40.

Thanks to Frankel2017

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  • Olivia W.

    Oh it's only large and tangerine :expressionless:

  • Paula L.

    you can ger better but think it does everything you need x

  • Chantelle B.

    I've only very tiny wrists so I'm not sure about getting a large sized one incase it goes half way up my arm, might be better off with the cheap version at Argos for £20 - I only want it to track my HR and monitor my sleep.

  • Jenny A.

    That's good!! I want the fitbit charge 2 though. Xx

  • Elaina A.

    I have this one it's really good. What's the charge 2 like? Xx

  • Zoe C.

    I want one with a bigger screen :weary::weary::weary:

  • Samantha H.

    Ooh thanks, I'll check it out x

  • Laura W.

    I'm saving my pennies :expressionless: I really want one tho lol xx

  • Louise J.

    Was thinking about it but can't afford at the moment!

  • Lucy T.

    Ahhh I ordered one last night! X

  • Dean P.

    Shame it's only tangerine colour lol

  • Natalie M.

    I want one but no that colour x

  • Shannon C.

    hopefully will be able to afford it one day :joy:

  • Sarah S.

    This is the one i have but blue

  • Alan S.

    Don't think I would fancy being tangoed but a good price. What features does it have? Will have to check the web site.

  • Alan S.

    It's the earlier model of the Charge 2 which is the one Babs has. Does all the same thing, except Bab's one has a current data display on the watch face, steps, heart rate etc. The only problem is that it is only available in large, but you could probably trim the extra strap down and punch extra holes if your wrist is smaller..

  • Alan S.

    P.S. Worth having at this price.

  • Rachel T.

    I've already bought one lol

  • Louise A.

    I really want one but this is a large one and I'm not sure it'll fit (for long anyway! Slimming world here I come!)

  • Sarah B.

    It says size large :slight_frown: I'll keep looking x

  • Jaime D.

    Ooh I will have a nosey xx

  • Leanne R.

    Ooo that's good isn't it!?

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