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9 August 2010

Dominos Coupons Using the Dominos coupon code will get you £15 off your pizza order when spending £35 or more.

Click here to use the Dominos coupons code

  • Discount: £15 off
  • Minimum Spend: £35
  • Voucher Code: KTSKRBEN

I bought four large pizzas, at a total cost of £59.96.  Then applied the code (just enter it in the Voucher Code box on the Check Out page). And my total went down to £44.96. Personally I think that's a pretty good deal. Very helpful during the summer holidays, when you've extra kids over and want to provide a meal that's a bit of a treat. Also, it means I'm not the one doing the cooking, or the washing up, or even the clearing up (boxes in the recycle bin, clearing up done!).

I couldn't find anything about an expiry deal on this. The voucher code has been around for a bit, as it has appeared on the HUKD site twice in the last month or so. Hopefully it'll still be around for the rest of the holidays!

Dominos are also doing a buy one, get one free offer on Tuesdays. I've got no idea if you can also use this code with the special offer. Probably not, but always worth a try. Maybe we'll be having pizza for dinner tomorrow too!

Thanks to ThePhantomFairy and Micketh85 at HUKD!

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  • dave
    the 50% off £40 or more is better value as this deal will cost you £20 for £35 worth of pizza, where as the 50% code will get you £40 worth of pizza for the same £20
  • kelly_o_fanatic
    Cant be used with any other deal, including 2 for tuesdays
  • Steve
    they should be giving away free weight watchers vouchers with every pizza at 3370 cals per 14" pizza you will be the size of a house in no time Enjoy that pizza Lardo's
  • dave
    Steve, some of us have mates so dominos vouchers are useful, you don't have to eat a whole pizza alone unless you're a sad act. you can easily make up a £40 order at dominos and end up with only 4 slices of pizza and a few sides each if there's a few of you
  • LynleyOram
    oooh didn't know about the 50% code Dave! Do you have a link? Thanks! Kelly, yeah so I figured. Never mind it proved a lifesaver yesterday with four hungry boys aged between 5 and 15, and four adults. Dave is right - I reckon I probably managed to get in about a couple of slices before it all disappeared!
  • Rannos
    Two for Tuesdays is a better deal
  • Lynley O.
    Yes it is! But not if you're hungry on a Saturday :) I had no idea they were doing two for one Tuesday's though until I went to order online last night. So have definitely filed that one away for future reference. Next 'playdate' will be on a Tuesday methinks ...

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