*Heads Up* Afternoon Tea For One £1.24 Starts This Weekend @ Morrisons


Mmmm... you can't beat a fresh scone with a pot of tea to wash it down. I am never out of cafes and eateries. It all started when I began having babies. Where else does one go to get out of the house? It's also nice having someone else make your tea. If like me you are partial to a cake and a hot drink in the afternoon, you'll be pleased to hear that Morrisons Cafe have a special offer on Afternoon Tea.

From Saturday 29th to Monday 31st August, between 2pm-4pm each day, you can have Afternoon Tea for just £1.24 each. Yummy! That's the cheapest I have ever seen an Afternoon Tea package. Sure, it's not going to be posh and you'll have to collect it yourself on a plastic tray but at £1.24, who cares?

What do you get for your money? 1/2 sandwich, pot of tea and the choice of a scone, éclair or egg custard tart. I think that at just £1.24, it's an absolute bargain. After all, a pot of tea would easily cost you that elsewhere, on it's own.

You can check where your nearest Morrisons Cafe is, here.

Thanks to goonertilidie @ HUKD

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