Calories For Kids

19 September 2010

bars No I'm not talking about some new strange diet revelation that there are special calories just for kids (mind you I wouldnt' be surprised if some nutter came up with some such notion!) no, I'm talking about getting enough calories INTO your kids!

My youngest can be funny with food - he's either in a starvin'-marvin' phase where he'll eat you out of house and home, and that of your nearest ten neighbours too, OR it's almost impossible to get him to eat enough to keep a sparrow alive.

Kids and eating are notorious for being flash points for arguements, full-blown fights and parents wracked with feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

So what to do?

Well how about making some scrummy Granola bars that are chock full of nuts, berries and oats?  They are packed full of good healthy calories, vitamins and oils and are great for popping in lunchboxes or a snack after school.

Anything like this in my house lasts for less than five minutes and always goes down a storm! It's also a great excuse to get your child involved with the creation of their food, something I've found makes them want to give eating it a good bash.

I'm going to try whipping up some of these tomorrow, I'll let you know how I get on!

If you've got any smart parent tips on how to get enough calories into your kids if they don't have huge appetites, then drop us a line and share them with us.

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