Brilliant Back To School Snacks @ Cathedral City

5 August 2010

photo_lunch-pack Cathedral City has just launched a new snacking range for kids school lunch boxes and they look rather fabulous! I’m all for quick and easy lunch snacks that are healthy and provide a part of a balanced diet, and these guys fit the bill.

You can get several different kinds of these snacking boxes so here are the ones I like. The Cathedral City with Pickle has five mature cheddar sticks with Branston pickle as a dip. Possibly for the older child with a taste for pickle. You can also get a version that has crackers with cheddar slices and pickle.

Then there are the minis – a pack of six bite-sized portions all wrapped and ready to go in the lunchbox. And the snack pack photo_dip-and-gothat has two servings of mature and mellow cheese for you to slide out and enjoy.

These are really good for back to school preparations. I’m thinking of getting a section of the fridge sorted out for school lunch equipment and snacks so I don’t have a major stress every morning. What do you do?

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